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Web Traffic Alert (WTA)

This product utilizes various types of API , to obtain a simple and intuitive representation of Italy’s mobility.

The Web Traffic Alert (WTA) was accordingly customized and made available to the competent authorities of MIT (Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures). MIT is using it in their CCISS (Road Safety Traffic Control Room) and the 1518’s Traffic Situation Room.

The roads coloring, shows the different levels of traffic fluidity, meanwhile, specific alerts indicate any possible anomalies regarding the day-to-day traffic viability.

Through the WTA (Web Traffic Alert) is possible to access the cartographic representation of speeds, alternative routes, as well as specific tools for Traffic Control Rooms, like thermographics, road graphics, video cameras images and traffic congestion events.


My Way is the widely used App of Autostrade per L’Italia (Motorways in Italy), that with regular daily updates, provides traffic information also to TV networks SKY TG 24 and Sky Meteo.

My Way is an example of how the API can be utilized to accompany who is driving, with real-time traffic information, on Tutor (speed displayer?), video cameras, and services available on motorways.

Thanks to the “KeepAlive” function, MyWay APP users receive precise points of interest indications, all along their chosen routes.


Created for the city of Milan during the 2015 Universal Expo, the E105 project achieved the goal of facilitating the services demand and supply chain, in relation of the link between companies and final customers, namely the citizens.

This example showcases an actual model built through APl, created within a “Digital Ecosystem”, specifically, a cooperative digital environment open for development of integrated software applications.

The established system, enables to view simultaneously, on a user-friendly interface, a variety of information regarding, events, traffic, transports and culturally oriented info.

Monitor Attività Sismica

This example of API’s utilization, allows to have an immediate perception of the earthquake’s location, activity and its wave motion.

The seismic events are displayed on a map with variety coloring that corresponds to the variation of the seriousness of events.

A descriptive box, that allows to gather further details, such as magnitude and depth.


SeaTracker is used to trace out regattas and in fact, it has succeeded to guarantee the safety of Maori & Friends’ crew, during their Atlantic crossing, concluded in 2017.

This example of API’s utilization, shows how is possible to trace boats on cartography, and to deliver real-time weather forecasting, that defines the most appropriate route to sail. SeaTracker is based on a dedicated map for sailing, that allows to view for example, the maritime traffic and accurate bathymetry data.