Maori & Friends: mission accomplished

Italian skipper Tullio Picciolini’s Maori & Friends Atlantic crossing, finally came to the end , after four weeks, when it  reached  the Spanish coasts.

After a short stop at Tarifa, where he said goodbye to his sailing crew, that accompanied him in the crossing, Tullio Picciolini continued his sailing towards Malaga.

To meet and greet him in Italy, there will be his family and friends of Lido di Ostia’s Lega Navale Italiana, that no doubt will be very keen to get all the inside out of the amazing and exciting adventure.

In more an occasion, in fact, vital real-time weather forecasting, from top International weather & strategist coach, Professor Andrea Boscolo, defined several times the most appropriate route to sail during Picciolini’s Atlantic crossing.

In fact, due to bad weather, there were several variations of the planned sailing route, nonetheless, Maori & Friends was never left alone in the middle of the ocean.

Thanks also to QMap’s SeaTracker – their exclusive intelligent control system -it was possible to deliver real-time weather alerts, throughout Picciolini’s Atlantic adventure.