Automotive & Transportation

Connected all the time. The freedom for all vehicles to move in harmony on the road with each other. The convenience to share a comfortable and safe driving experience.

Logistic & Field Service Management

The intelligent logistics. The easiest and fastest way to reach and communicate within points of interest. The advantage of dynamic planning to save time and money.

Government & Public Safety

Live snapshots, constantly updated, of city and suburban areas. A continuous monitoring, free from infrastructure investments with the aim to support the authorities in charge in the strategic management decisions.

Consumer & Media

The mobility of cities and suburban centers at your fingertips. Information on driveability, broadcast ready information on weather conditions on the road, major events and more are available in radio, web and TV format.

Fleets & Insurance

Context information that completes the driver’s behavior profile. Important, reliable analysis of weather conditions, traffic and best routes for every vehicle.