Providing a geographic dimension to data and transform it into information

The core of the ITS industry. Collected, analyzed and processed data, to understand new aspects of reality.

The data analysis constantly defines the decisions in the study of travelers movements and behavior, on the road network.

QMap, through its geo-spatial platform, manages Big Data following the entire "end to end" chain that starts from data collection up to the completion of high quality geo-referenced information.

For vehicles and people.
For consumer and business travel. From home to work. And all in between.
Any event causing delays on the roads is promptly detected and the actual times to reach the destination is forecasted by the Qmap innovative system.

Speeds and the estimated travel arrival of more than 100.000 km of roads are monitored by our system.
Every 3 minutes, in-depth traffic information is broadcasted.
The value of your time. The security of choosing a smart journey.

Every Day

We analyze 250 million GPS points

Producing 14 million traces

We monitor more than 100.000 km of roads

We deliver 20 thousand Alerts


Automotive & Transportation

Logistic & Field Service Management

Government & Public Safety

Consumer & Media

Fleets & Insurance