QMap for CCISS Services

From the beginning of July, at CCISS headquarters (Road Safety Traffic Control Room) in Rome, it started the new management of the Road Watch room and 1518 Response Center, by QMap, together with Infoblu e Nethex teams.

The new team, provide a monitoring service available 24 hrs/365 days, and operate in conjunction with the Polizia Stradale (Traffic Police) and Carabinieri response teams, utilizes MIT (Minister of Infrastructure and Transport) systems to monitor the Italian road networks traffic, supplying the relative on-request traffic information service.

The preferred support system, is once again the Web Traffic Alert (WTA), to obtain a simple and intuitive representation of Italy’s mobility.

The WTA was accordingly developed and made available to the competent authorities of MIT (Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures). The WTA features, roads coloring, shows the different levels of traffic fluidity, meanwhile, specific alerts indicate any possible anomalies regarding the day-to-day traffic viability.

Recently, Mr Danilo Toninelli, the new Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, visited the CCISS headquarters, under the guidance of CCISS Director, Mr Danilo Giaquinto.