We give a geographical dimension to data and turn them into information

The world of information feeds on data that, appropriately collected, analyzed and processed, help to understand new aspects of reality that surrounds us.

The analysis of the data carried out in the study of the movements and behaviors of those traveling on the road network, is what constantly defines decisions and advances in the mobility sector.

QMap, through its geo-spatial platform, manages Big Data following the entire “end to end” chain starting from data collection up to high quality geo-referenced information.

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Partnership QMap - Here is born

New rapresentation of digital reality


SDK for VectoGeo

QMap create the SDK (software development kit) for the integration of the VectoGeo MapServer on mobile devices.


MIT: CCISS Services Management

QMap is official supplier of infomobility serives for Ministero dei Trasporti, 1518, control room and CCISS traffic managent.

Every day

gps points analyzed
produced tracks
monitored km
generated alerts

On the road

For those who make travels their business, for those who move every day to go to work or simply for those who are going on vacation.

For everyone the value of their time, the choice of a safe path

We promptly detect any type of event that may cause delays on the roads and we foresee the real times to reach their destination.

Always up to date

We know punctual speeds and travel times of the entire Italian road network.

Every day we monitor more than 100,000 km of roads

We update the traffic scenario on the entire national network every 3 minutes.

Our maps

For the representation of any type of information, we use our VectoGeo Vector MapServer.

On Premises or licenzed software, our Vecto Geo guarantees:

  • Simplicity of integration
  • High quality representation
  • Max speed
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“Setting a new course for location technology”


"Soluzioni di infomobilità. Gruppo Telepass"

TPS Italia

“Strumenti e Soluzioni per la Pianificazione della Mobilità”


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