QMap join TTS Italy

Following the approval by the Board of Directors, QMap is pleased to announce that they are now a new member of the TTS Italy Association.

TTS Italy, the National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety, has the purpose of contributing to the improvement of efficiency and safety in the Italian transport system

TTS Italy, follow guidelines of the European model proposed by ERTICO, the benchmark for their national presence  -among others – for ITS America, ITS Japan, ITS Canada, ITS United Kingdom, ITS France, ITS Sweden.

“We are really happy and proud of being part of this Association, which mission is to promote the implementation of the development and spread of common ITS interests in Italy  – explains QMap Director, Mario Nesti – Our entry in TTS Italy, is for us an opportunity to have a constructive dialogue with other ITS companies and associations at the local and national level and also to take on new challenges and to help bringing innovation in the ITS industry.”