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The Geo-spatial Platform that transforms data into information

All products by QMap are available through the Qube Platform in the following mode: API, On Premises and as Licensed Software

QUBE is a dynamic cartographic platform based on VectoGeo, our vectorial mapserver, and ready to represent any type of data, including third parts data. Its functionalities are constantly updated and increased and they are sorted in 6 categories:


Precise and reliable localization even in the most critical contexts


The algorithms for the most convenient route with the most useful information


Support information for travel strategies


From traditional POI to Geofencing areas, focused information in every moment


Traditional and Vectiorial Customizable Maps e vettoriali. Choose the look that best fit your company.


Integration and representation of any type of information

Our products and dedicated solutions for private and public administration are born from multiple combinations of our QUBE platform features. QUBE represents a support tool in decision-making processes for those who works in ITS sector, it allows to obtain innovative results in terms of new information services to users, it also allows to intervene in the planning of mobility policies and is responsible for monitoring the propagation of events in the territory.


The Made In Italy that defines ‘Freestyle’ Maps

A Vectorial Mapserver for highly bespoke Maps, allowing representation of every type of information

Visualizzazione immediata delle informazioni

  • Informazioni aggiornate sullo stato del manto stradale
  • Mappa tematica per lo scenario
  • Matrici Origine/Destinazione
  • Modelli informativi 3D
  • Situazione in real-time dello stato di occupazione dei parcheggi
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Rappresentazione interattiva su cartografia di modelli BIM

(Building Information Model)

La rappresentazione degli edifici all’interno di un ambiente cartografico diventa interattiva. Le strutture, oltre ad essere interamente navigabili, vengono analizzate in ogni loro componente grazie ad un pannello di controllo che consente di “accendere” e vedere evidenziati i singoli elementi

QUBE Traffic

An example of application of QUBE in Italy, a unique tool for simple and intuitive representation of mobility

A real-time traffic flow detection system based on data from FCD (Floating Car Data) mobile sensors.

QUBE Traffic in summary:

  • Coloring of different traffic levels
  • Alert generation for road anomalies 
  • Cartographic representation of speeds
  • Heatmaps
  • Images from cameras and events


QUBE functionalities can also be chosen individually within the API Q-Suite


The best map for every project

Customized solutions for your business.


The strategic connection of things, places and information

API for Infomobility, Arts & Culture, Shopping & Services

Geo Finding

The well-rounded localization

Api for Geocoding,  Geocoding Autocomplete,  Reverse Geocoding, Around me


Real-time complete traffic info

API for Traffic Tiles, Alerts, Events, Cameras

On the road

The choice for the best route

API for Routing, ETA, Custom Routes


Weather forecast on the road with automatic weather alerts generated on the entire monitored road network