Travel information for major events – Regione Lombardia

QMap confirmed their presence in Lombardy by signing a new contract as a provider of strategic traffic information to be integrated into the Regione Lombardia’s informative system.

The service allowed to monitor road network mobility, analyzing real-time traffic news, traffic conditions, safety alerts and estimated time of arrival, during Pope Francis’ 1-day pastoral journey, in Milan and Monza.

QMap service facilitated the vital work of the civil protection’s activities, tackling, preventing and overcoming emergencies.

“We’re proud of our achievements in the Lombardy Region, so far” – says QMap Director Mauro Nesti – “Our collaboration with Regione Lombardia was initiated with our positive experience at the Milan’s EXPO 2015. Our work continues to be appreciated , especially at major events, like Pope Francis’ most recent visit in Milan and Monza”